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Adventures close to home [Aug. 12th, 2012|09:39 pm]
Hey guys, what's up?

Better talk about a bit about the past month or so. First the boring stuff, then some music stuff :D

Shortly after my Alps holiday, I visited my friends in London again!

...It was depressing. The weather was horrible, and I think we all felt a little bit down, which resulted in us not going out at all, and just stay in and watch tv and DVDs. I had fun at an, um, anarchist event that was going on that week, but that was about it really. I can't blame them really - my host was going through a difficult time at his work (and is now fired - budget cuts and all that crap) so he wasn't a happy bunny. It was the reason why I wasn't sure about going, but he insisted I stayed with him, so yeah. It wasn't that bad really, we still had a fair amount of fun but not on the level we had in April. He is a history geek (like me) and a sort of leftist/anarchist political person (sort of like me) so we had some decent conversations (read: him talking and me listening and waiting for him to stop talking so I can talk hehehe). 

Also got a new haircut. And an ice cream. 

Um...everyone (except my mum) liked it, but I'm not sure. It doesn't make me any uglier than I already am, but still. I still have my stupid face! That's the real problem! Anyway, I've been instructed to keep it short, but I haven't touched it at all in the past month. Now that the hair is growing back, my balding is even more apparent, and obviously the only way to deal with that is to shave it, even shorter than it is in that picture. Making me a skinhead really. But...*shrug* I don't know really. I see a fair share of guys my age balding in a not to dissimilar way - even famous people like Andy Roddick and Prince William for example. It's not pretty, but, you know, I guess the best attitude is just not to give a damn and do what you like with it. 

The ice cream was nice, by the way. 

There was some vietnamese festival going on that day, but we ended up eating something in Leon. Quite nice, I liked what I had (Maroccan meat balls!), but very expensive. The orange juice was awesome though. 

That was about the most exciting thing that happened in London really.

Back home, my sister and her family stayed in an appartment not far from us for two weeks. Got a chance to bond with Ian again. He's so cute in an annoying way. He is very much like his uncle: he thinks he knows best! When you point out something he said or did wrong, he's all "YES I KNOW, BUT..." and then some lame excuse of some sort that usually doesn't make any sense. Hate the fact that he's already so defensive. Bad education! I said it before, but I'm really much stricter with him than his parents are. He really isn't used to being told "no". He's getting better at it though, and sometimes he just asks "oh can you please play with me? But only if you have time of course". Hehe. 

Anyway, this entry is already getting too long and I promised some music talk.

Going to Pukkelpop next week. Kind of...not excited about it that much, really. Excited to see Björk, and that's about it. I'm even thinking of skipping the last day (which is apparently the best day) because there's almost no-one interesting for me. As always, feel free to recommend me stuff. But really, last year's line-up was so much better, but now it's the only festival I could go to this summer. 

Bought a few CDs recently. I was in a sort of retro-punk-pop mood, and decided to buy some albums I had my eye on for quite some time: X-Ray Spex - Germ-free adolescents, The Slits - Cut, and Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kaleidoscope. 
It's not like any of them are all "omg best thing ever", but I enjoy them. I suppose the X-Ray Spex album disappointed me a bit, as none of their songs really compare to the brilliance of Oh Bondage up yours! But it's not bad at all (gotta love random saxophone)...and am I the only one noticing similarities between Poly Styrene and Beth Ditto? 
The Slits album is pretty good as well, with more variety than the X-Ray Spex one, and I really love their cover of Heard it through the grapevine. 
I don't think I'll ever be a big fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees, but I can't deny the influence they had on a lot of bands I listen to. Kaleidoscope is a good album but I think it only has about 3 really good songs. Red Light is my absolute favourite, and if I had to explain my music taste in 15 songs or so, this would be one of them. It's just so dark and sleazy. Yum. I obviously like Happy House as well (which I heard on the radio while in France, and probably the reason why I finally picked up the album), but I think Lunar Camel is my second favourite song on the album. It's also pretty dark but dreamy as well. And you gotta love the "aah-ah"s heh.

A month or two ago, I (finally) ordered the latest Geneva Jacuzzi album. Saw her in 2010 (as support act for Yelle) and never stopped thinking about her hehe. So last week I get a package from Los Angeles, and...

I got not one, but two albums! And on closer inspection, both are "extended" albums with bonus tracks that you can't find on itunes (well, you can find the tracks, but as a seperate album/EP thing). Basically a huge bonus, and I went a bit Geneva Jacuzzi mad on twitter after that haha. But really, it's such a nice gesture, and this is why I really prefer dealing with artists directly or small record companies. How many times did Amazon send you a randomly signed or extra album, hmm? 
And to be fair, it's not like her album is really a masterpiece or something, but I really like that 80s atmosphere. I suspect she really did use instruments made in the 80s for this album, otherwise she's quite the magician. 
The Bubonic Plague album is pretty good as well - very very lo-fi, it mostly reminds me of early Suicide stuff (and you know how much I like Suicide, so yeah). Still haven't listened to it that much, but I'm happy I got it. 
But I have to link to some Geneva Jacuzzi videos heh:
Do I Sad?  - This was how she was dressed at the gig as well. Love the way she moves, and especially her facial expressions.
Clothes on the bed - First song on the album and sets the mood rather well.
Love Caboose - One of the weirder songs I think. But that "I love you - you're just stoned!" conversation amuses me greatly. Also, I think she doesn't look completely unattractive in this video. 
Bad Moods - My favourite video I think, look at those intricate setpieces and awesome special effects!!! Though the men kissing and glass strap-on is maybe a bit too much Lady Gaga - I'll just consider it a parody heh. 
Bad Moods live - Just to show you how awesome/weird/scary she is in person. 

That'll do for now. 


[User Picture]From: jimjamjenny
2012-08-13 03:09 am (UTC)
I have all of the older albums that you bought! And I feel the same about all of them, hehe. I wonder if there is a chance that you might have seen Chris or George at the anarchist thing, they're always going to that kind of thing! :)
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[User Picture]From: partyweirdo
2012-08-15 09:54 am (UTC)
I strongly doubt they were at this anarchist thing :)
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