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2012 and 2013 [Feb. 5th, 2013|08:23 pm]
Hi guys! Wow, LJ changed since I last updated... And this is my 10th year of writing entries here (birthday of this journal's 17 April 2003). Hmm, when I'm in the mood I might look through some old entries to find a few funny/noteworthy ones. Actually last week I came across something that's even older than my LJ account... read it and weep! nd then weep again. Aah, good times, good times. 

Anyway, I might as well talk about how my 2012 has been. It has been pretty awful, but most of that was my fault entirely. And it had some good, great moments. I prefer talking about the good things hehe. I already said things in this journal about my London visits, right? Well I met two people there that have become very close friends, especially the guy I stay with every time I go to London. Calling him a soulmate feels wrong and isn't really true I guess, but I can be myself with him, with all my good, bad and ugly sides, and he doesn't complain (much). His friendship alone cheers me up (though I still have my dark moments and doubts), and I apparently have the ability to cheer him up, and I'm a good listener, or something. And he appreciates my sense of humour. 
He's really become my best friend and my year would've been so much worse without him. So annoying that I have to go to London to see him hehe. I try to go every 3 months, once I have a job I might do a short visit every month or two. 
Oh, something he once said to me: "you're like a cat... you can just sit there, quiet and content, and all you need is a little bit of  food and a cuddle now and then". <3

The other friend, well, it's not the same as with the first guy, but he listens to me when I talk, and sometimes I get the feeling I can talk to him more about my darker feelings, as we have certain things in common. He's much more emotional than me, which can annoy me at times, but he's still a good friend. 

As for my feelings: I don't think I'm depressed or anything, but I'm definitely at my lowest confidence level ever. It's making finding a job even harder than it already is ("why even bother? they'll see right away that I'm useless"). I've also left the house far less than I usually do, be it random travelling, going to gigs, or whatever. This is something I want to change this year, but again it's money-sensitive. I am going to London again later this week though, and I'd love to go to Manchester again to meet some other friends. We'll see...

Last month I started something I planned to do a long time ago: collecting Lego again!! For this year I'm just going to concentrate on Star Wars, and the first set I bought was the X-wing. Really nice set, took about 2 hours to build. TIE Fighter is next I think, and after that probably the Y-wing or A-wing. The Lord of the Rings sets are nice as well though, hmm.... 

I also started enjoying blogging again, and I'll do it a lot more I think. Especially reviewing games, films, etc. I started a series of PC videogame reviews on my blog, loved doing them, and it's also easy since I can take some screenshots of the games myself. So that's something I definitely plan on doing more. And maybe even review some more non-conventional stuff (at least for me) like Lego sets. Too bad no-one actually reads my blog though, even when I mention it on all four of my twitter accounts hehehe. 
Well, to conclude this entry, I might as well link some entries here:

timxtended.blogspot.com my blog!
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and an oldie: forgotten horror films

Also, I started using my tumblr a bit more again, but it's mostly just entries copied from my blog, and reblogging stuff I like. I should give both a new lay-out, but you know, too lazy. 

So, next entry will be...well, at one point in the future. 

[User Picture]From: jimjamjenny
2013-02-05 08:01 pm (UTC)
I read your blog!!!

And, hahahaha :D :D :D Classic stuff :D

I hope you're okay *hugs* :( If you ever want to talk about stuff tell me!!!

also, lego, woo! :D
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[User Picture]From: partyweirdo
2013-02-07 02:45 pm (UTC)
Hi Jen!

I read your blog too! Read some H.P. Lovecraft and review it! :P

I'm happy you're entertained by that hehe. I should keep those pages somewhere for when I feel depressed and want to laugh!

Now that MSN is dead/dying we should try to connect on skype or something. We haven't properly talked in ages have we?
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