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2012 [Jan. 1st, 2012|01:16 am]
Happy New Year to all my livejournal readers!

Yes, to both of you!
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dreams [Dec. 26th, 2011|02:06 pm]
I've had a very active dream week, but the dream I had two days ago is probably my "dream of the year" heh.

The dream was set in a steampunk world. There's no electricity, everything runs on steam. There are weird zeppelins in the sky (and a lot of them), and the world looks mostly brown.
But apparently, the world is ending, and no-one knows what to do. At some point, scientists discover this yellow-golden alien liquid. They experiment with it, and find out it can be used as an energy source. It produces some kind of weird side effect that makes everything look grey. The scientists continue to exeriment, and put some of the liquid in a human being. They find out that it's actually a living thing, and can live as a parasite (or symbiont) in a human being. Of course, that causes some of the scientists to worry about the effect on humans, does it influence the brain, and therefor the thoughts and actions of human as well?
I vaguely remember something about helping a scientist with something, but I don't know what. I think he wanted to warn the world about the dangers of the liquid, and that maybe we should stop using it altogether. There was definitely a part where we were being bullied by the government to keep quiet. Then for some reason, I end up in a coma, and I wake up 7 years later. The first person I see tells me that the world is saved, and everything is right again. He says I should look outside. I do that, and I see.......the world as it is now!! Everything is "normal", no more steam machines, no more zeppelins, everything has normal colours again.
I wander the streets, thinking about why everything is the way it is now. Is this because of the alien liquid? Did they put the alien liquid in everyone, and has some sort of collective consciousness made us aware of a solution to save the world? Do -I- have that liquid in me? Is it controlling my actions and thought process? Is the world as it is now the way the aliens want it to be? Are they preparing us for invasion/harvesting?

...The end!

This was a great dream, not just the way it played out, but the atmosphere as well. At the start, it felt mainly melancholic, but also defeatism about the world ending, especially when everything turns grey. And also paranoia about the alien liquid. I also love how the colours shifted in the dream, first brown, then grey, then "normal" colours. Of course, many elements in the dream are taking from different sci fi stories, but still, they blended well together. First thing I had to think about was They Live, which has aliens living on earth and influencing us without us humans realising it, and turning the world into their world by polluting it. Great film, it also has that paranoid and almost end-of-the-world feeling.

Then last night, I had some shorter dreams. I can only remember random bits but they were very exciting. In one, I'm breaking into buildings and escape without being seen. People know I'm doing this, and I become some sort of celebrity.
Then in another one I'm playing a tower defense game, but it combines elements from different games, and it's so good, really exciting to play.
There's one set in the mountains (I think I have one of those every night!), it was a fairly long dream, but I can't remember much of it. Anyway, I saw bigfoot! Or, the wampa from Star Wars, I don't know. Anyway, it wasn't dangerous, and I only saw it for a second. I told this to my group and most of them seemed to believe me. I think it was actually the point of our expedition; to look for rare creatures. There was another weird thing in this dream, but I can't remember if it was another creature or something else.

I should really write down more dreams, I stopped doing this since last year or so. I blame twitter.
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A weekend in Paris! [Dec. 19th, 2011|12:37 am]
So last month I went to Paris for 3 days. It was good.
Detailed report!Collapse )
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reading material [Oct. 24th, 2011|01:43 am]
Okay, time to link you to some entries:

vacation/Austria talk
film reviews
summer cinema reviews
US Open draw talk
US Open post mortem
(of course, to make things easy you can always just follow my other blog)

Proper update soon. Ish. Which means within 3 months nowadays...
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2011|01:42 am]
Holy crap, this is from my eggiwegs entry, and only now I realise I actually made a pac-man. 


No seriously...doesn't it look like pac-man? A sort of...scary mouth pac-man? 

Ah screw it, I'm off to bed. 
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austria trip [Oct. 3rd, 2011|01:33 am]
Yes, we (my dad and I) went to Austria for a week. Organised hiking trip by bus. Destination: Sankt Kanzian am Klopeiner See. Google Earth it, or something. If you're too lazy: it's in the south of Austria, not that far from the Slovenian border. 

Das Wetter!
We didn't have rain at all (well, a few drops in the evening), which makes it our most successful Austrain holiday ever. Of course, usually we're higher up, and the Karinthian weather is apparently influenced by the mediterranean. Anyway, my dad (and lots of other people) complained about the heat, but honestly, I didn't think it was THAT bad. Yes, it was probably around 30°C for most of the afternoon, but I somehow wasn't that bothered with it. I usually hate it, but idunno. Maybe I was finally happy to have some warmth, after a very gray summer. 

The food was alright, very much so. One thing that bothered me was that they gave us A LOT of meat with every meal, at least twice as much as what I'm used to. I ate most of it (actually, apart from the opening night, I ate it all!), but I could feel my body wasn't used to this heh. Also - but this seems to be common - the food was extremely salty. Which resulted in us drinking a lot, and then waking up once or twice a night to pee -_- 

Wir marchieren!
The walks were...a bore. Most of it was on regular roads, or concrete paths. I walked the first two days with my heavy "mountain"  boots, but, obviously, there were no mountains. It was horribly flat and unexciting. So, for the third walk, I decided to go with my regular shoes, and guess what? Suddenly they go into the woods, and onto narrow rocky paths. But it was no problem for me actually, I have good regular shoes :) And on our 'free' day (without the group) with did another forest-y, mountain-y (well, hill-y, it was only a height difference of 200m) hike. We took our sweet time and actually rested a lot. I think we were both happy to have some peace and quiet on our walks ahaha. 
Last day was boring, because we couldn't go far, but still had a lot of time to kill (we got kicked out of the hotel at 10, and the bus only left at 4PM, where's the sense in that?). Oh well.
Oh, and it was pretty fun that on day one, we started with around 35 hikers, and on day 3 there were only about 20 left. 

You know my dad and I are rather antisocial, so we kept to ourselves for most of the time. That is, until my dad started talking to some other guy, and they developed a 4-day long bromance. It was pretty cute. Especially because the guy was a biker, lots of tattoos, ear pierced. Stuff my dad hates with a passion (...or maybe he's secretly jealous of them haha). But they had fun talking about racist stuff, and I noticed the guy actually had a swastika tattoo ahaha. Pretty small, but noticable. For a tattoo-obsessed person like me at least. When I told my dad about it, he said "oh, well, maybe he was in a biker gang and had to do it as an initiation or something." See, he was already looking for excuses and trying to defend his buddy! Ha. 
Rest of the group: eh. I think I was the youngest one there, the average age must've been 50 or something. No joke. 

Every time we go on holiday, -something- happens to me in a physical, not so nice way. This time, on the second walk, my knee started bothering me. The inside of my knee. Now, I had that last year as well, but this time it was really very noticeable, and I definitely thought of skipping the hike the next day. Told my dad about where it hurt. "There's nothing important there!" Well, okay, guess it's all in my head. Anyway, it still troubled me the next day, but like I said, I started wearing my normal shoes, and after walking for about an hour...the pain was gone! So weird. And it didn't come back, so it really had something to do with my "good" (but super-heavy) hiking boots. 
...except the pain did come back,  I sometimes still feel it when I wake up. Well, it's only half-pain, if you know what I mean, but it's definitely in the same place, and I'm half-worried about it. I'm guessing it's a ligament or something, that isn't 100% right anymore. Too scared to go to a doctor about it, because he'll obviously say it's all in my head as well heh. No, but, yeah, but, you know. (fake edit: this half-pain lasted about a week, everything's fine now!)

 I have to say, one thing that surprised me was how friendly the locals were. Austria has the reputation to be somewhat, you know...facist, especially when it comes to non-Austrians... but I guess they don't mind tourists that much. Like, several times I stood at a zebra crossing, thinking "oh, after those 2 or 3 cars I can cross over". But guess what? The first car almost always stopped to let me cross! I mean, it should be like this all the time, I know, but living in a "big" city, close to a busy road, I'm not used to it at all. 
Not just that, but when we were out in the group, we're basically creating a nuissance for everyone, but cars still let us pass, locals waved at us and said good morning and stuff, it was like...is this real life? Heh. 

I had a discussion with my dad about this. I take great offense with that word. Especially since it's used in the imperative form, they basically tell you to "greet god!!", or else!!! Compare that to, say, an arab, who says "peace be with you" as a greeting. So I wonder, who's the religious aggressor here??? Obviously my dad, notorious arab/middle east hater, said something like "yeah they say peace be with you, then stab you in the back!!!" Aah, it's always fun talking with my dad about things like this. 

Wir glotzen TV!
TV was even worse than in France, I guess - no cycling, no F1, and most importantly - no US Open!!!! I followed the live score of the semis on my phone (was still on the bus on the way to Austria when they played), and learned the results from the finals through teletext (at least they had that!) the next day. There's more about that in my US Open post-mortem.
There wasn't much on tv on the whole - lots of US series though, Bones, House, The Mentalist, CSI (obviously!), etc. And Transformers was on at some point, and some other films. Oh well. As for other entertainment, I thought I had the entire season 6 on my hard drive, but I didn't, so I was able to watch just one episode. My ipod kept me entertained the most I guess, with my random addiction to Tiny Tower, and the fact that it, you know, plays music and stuff. 

So anyway, general consensus was that it wasn't a bad vacation, but the long bus ride was annoying, and hiking in group just isn't our thing. So, next year, we'll probably be going to the Alps again, or at least have a 2-week holiday somewhere. 
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lj [Oct. 1st, 2011|12:00 pm]
Oh hey guys, what's up?

I have...3 entries coming up, will try to do at least 2 of them this weekend. Meanwhile, have you seen my new blog? It's awesome and stuff. http://timxtended.blogspot.com/

Still haven't decided whether I should just double post everything, or abandon lj altogether. But how could I leave? There are so many great memories here. Like cooking with Tem ("testsubject doesn't like getting sticky, gooey substances all over his face."), or, one of my favourite entries, Ronald Weasley The Third.
(feel free to go through the archives in search of other great entries. Well, I know you won't, so, whatever)
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you know I have to post this every summer [Aug. 30th, 2011|08:46 pm]

I vowed this wouldn't be
another lost summer
I've looked around but I can't see
that old time summer

it's still hot but I look at what I've got
and all I feel is number
I guess it's too late to plant those seeds
it's not worth it to pull the weeds
they'll just die; like I'm doing inside

my brother and I were the best of friends
more than just brothers but now I pretend

is it a crutch? that I expect so much?
I promised myself I'd be strong this year
but here I am again filled with summer tears
and the fish ain't biting and I'm through fighting
the same situation the same frustrations
'cause summers almost gone
the love I planned to sing about never came along
and I can't figure out where I belong
but ever year i sing the same old song
where's that old time summer?
it's another lost summer
another lost summer
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Wimbledon 2011 [Jul. 5th, 2011|11:59 pm]

Can I start with the women first? KVITOVA!!!! Holy crap. I mean, I said I'd like her in the finals, and I was happy that she made it this far, but then she went on and won it as well! I love her so I was super-happy for her. I really made me realise how much I like her, really. Easily my favourite WTA player. You could argue that she's one of those women with a men's game, but what's so wrong with that? I makes for very exciting tennis - in contrast to Wozniacki's boring defensive game. She has a great serve, and her return is amazing. Her game is really suited to hardcourt and grass, I think she'll definitely win a couple of more hardcourt tournaments this year. The US Open is going to be interesting as well, although I expect Venus and Serena to be in top form again by then. But that's for next month :)
I was also happy for Lisicki, she's also a nice girl with a good game, she took out Li Na in the second round. Bartoli taking out Serena was probably one of the big stories/upsets of the tournament, but I absolutely can't stand her. I think I hate her more than Bethanie Mattek-Sands, who is a tasteless and classless attention whore. Ugh. Why is it so easy to hate women? Heh.
Also, this: http://twitter.com/goldfrapp/status/87173570987429888 Can't wait until Alison actually says something that makes me hate her ahaha.

On to the men then. Apart from the outcome of the final, I'd say it was a pretty forgetable Wimbledon. I suppose the 2 big upsets were Roddick (lost in the 3rd round vs. Lopez) and Federer losing to Tsonga in the QF (though I didn't think the actual upset was that surprising, Tsonga played great at Queen's Club - the fact that Federer was 2 sets up and still lost is something that never happened before). I was really gutted for Federer, it really looked like this was going to be his Wimbledon again. But Tsonga just played out of his mind in the last 3 sets of that match, it was great. I love Tsonga and I probably would've been really upset if Federer lost to someone else in the QF (I'm still not over his loss against Berdych last year), but then it sort of sucks that Tsonga never reached that level again in his next match against Djokovic.
And I guess the "newcomer" of the tournament was Tomic. He won against Soderling got a set off Djokovic!! He has a very solid game, but honestly, I don't think his game is any better than Soderling/Berdych or even Gulbis. But just like Djokovic he has a lot of self-belief, and sometimes that's more important than having a great game. I think he'll reach more quarter- and semifinals, but I honestly can't see him win a tournament as long as Nadal and Djokovic are still around.

Let's talk about Murray for a bit! He reaches the semi again, took a set of Nadal, but couldn't finish it off. I honestly started liking Murray more the last couple of months, he has been playing a bit more aggressively, and hasn't been so...self-hating as much as he used to. It's still not completely gone, and I really think he needs someone to train him to be more positive on court, or at least show a positive body language. I think most people hate him because, quite frankly, he comes across as a whiney little bitchboy sometimes. The way I see it, there are 2 steps he needs to take to win Grand Slams: 1) improve on-court attitude 2) play more aggressively. Some (most?) people have already given up on him, but I think he CAN win a GS, but only if he changes those 2 things.

The final then. Nadal-Djokovic. A sure win for Nadal right? Even though Djokovic won their last previous matches...
Well, no. Djokovic won. Nadal's dad wasn't happy.

...yeah I guess Nadal got his temper from...Uncle Toni? Heh. But it was a good match, I couldn't believe what I was seeing when Djokovic completely humiliated Nadal in the second set. 3rd set was the other way around, and I - and many of my fellow tweeters - said that it's Nadal's time now and that Djokovic won't be able to come back from this. Boy were we wrong. So Djokovic beat Nadal for the 5th consecutive time this year. That's pretty amazing, no? I consider Nadal to be the dominant player since 2008, but this year, it's been all about Djokovic. And with 5 losses, it really seems that Nadal has a sort of mental block against Djokovic, the sort of same mental block Federer has against Nadal. It's also the first time that Nadal lost in a Grand Slam final since 2007 (against Federer of all people!) - I'm pretty sure he already forgot what it feels like to lose on the big stage. It'll be interesting to see how he comes back from this. He's always been able to bounce back from injury and bad losses, but he has never been dominated by a player like Djokovic is doing now.

In short: 2005-2007: Federer-domination. 2008-2010: Nadal domination. 2011-????: Djokovic domination. Maybe. He's my favourite for the US Open this year though. I actually wonder how many matches he'll lose this year. The only match he lost this year was that amazing semifinal at Roland Garros (against Federer of all people!).
I actually like what Djokovic said in one of his press conferences. He talked about how winning the Davis Cup made him happier, more confident etc. "In a sentence, I lost my fear". That's very interesting psychologically, because I'm pretty sure a lot of players have a "fear of winning" in a way (Murray probably has this more than others!). It's hard to explain, so I won't, but I saw a documentary with/about Björn Borg and he also talked about it, so I'm not making stuff up heh.

Anyway, entry has been long enough I think.
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Wimbledon preview! [Jun. 19th, 2011|02:13 pm]

What, Roland Garros just finished, and they're already doing another 2-week tournament. Ugh. And how about making grass season longer, and giving it at least an ATP500 tournament. Stupid ATP.

Now that we have that out of the way...let's take a look at the draw:

first quarter:
Nadal. And some other guys. On the opposite end is Berdych, who somehow made it to the final last year, but hasn't done much lately. He actually shouldn't have a hard time getting to the 4th round though, which will most likely get him a match against Mardy Fish. I'm going with him as a quaterfinalist.
Nadal will likely get a bunch of North Americans on his way to the 4th round. Russel, Sweeting, Raonic. Raonic is pretty good, but I'm not quite sure if he's ready to upset Nadal, especially in a slam. So Nadal's QF might be against Gilles Simon or Del Potro. I'm having a hard time deciding who would win in a match like this. First reaction would be Del Potro, but he's not that great on grass, and Simon is a tricky player who doesn't mind grinding out 5-setters.

second quarter:
QF: Murray - Roddick. That is all.
Okay, there are a bunch of other good players here, mostly Cilic, Gasquet, Monfils and Wawrinka, but I just can't see them making it to the quarterfinal. A Roddick-Monfils 4th round might be a long (and good) match, but I still expect Roddick to win.

third quarter:
Federer on one side, Ferrer on the other. In between: no-one important. Well apart from Tsonga, who looked awesome at Queens. Oh, and another Isner-Mahut first round! Oh what are the odds!! So low, that many people think the draw has been rigged. Oh well. Anyway, I don't see many problems for Federer. He's had trouble with Nalbandian (possible 3rd round) before, but he's not what he used to be. 4th round against Isner, Almagro or Youzhny. If Federer brought his confidence he had in Paris to London, none of these matches should be hard for him.
Tsonga-Dolgopolov might make a fun 3rd round, but I'm going with Tsonga reaching the QF.

fourth quarter:
Can't see anything else but a Soderling-Djokovic QF. Melzer might make it tough for Soderling in the 4th round, but I'm not sure if he'll still be in the tournament by then.
Possible fun first round match: Nishikori vs. Hewitt.

Semifinals: Murray - Nadal and Djokovic - Federer. I know, how original, right? But I had it right at Roland Garros!!! And I think it'll happen again here.
Final: now watch what I'm doing here...I predict... Murray - Federer!! Crazy, right? No. Murray got his confidence back, and Nadal doesn't seem to be the "normal" Nadal anymore. Federer-Djokovic could go either way, but Federer definitely has the mental edge.
As for a Murray - Federer final at Wimbledon...I think it'll be tricky for Federer. Murray might be nervous, but he'll have the crowd behind him (for once!) and that might just be enough for him to win. Yes, blasphemy, I know, and a brit hasn't won a major in 150.000 years. But, I dunno. I guess I'm still going with Federer, yeah. But then Borg and Sampras also said Federer is going to win, so they already jinxed it. Annoying.

On the women's side of things...meh. It would be nice if Li Na reached her third slam final of the year, and I'd like to see Kvitova in a final as well. But, you know, it's women's tennis. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Oh yeah, and my bro Tursunov won a tournament yesterday! Beat Malisse in the semis (boo!) and Dodig in the final. Pretty cool, 9 months ago he was ranked 400 or something, now he's closing in on the top 50 again. I'm really happy for him, coming back from injury and going through challenger tournaments to winning an ATP250 tournament...shows more mental thoughness than I gave him credit for.
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