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...oh hi. [Apr. 23rd, 2012|09:09 pm]
Soooo I thought I'd do an lj update. I feel like talking about random stuff. Twitter no longer does it for me, to be honest. There are some nice people on it of course, but mostly I feel like I'm talking to myself. Well, I feel like I'm talking to myself whenever I do a blog/lj entry, but here I don't have 250 people 'following' me. You know what I mean? Heh. Okay, that was my first rant of the day.

What else. As some of you know, I go to uni. Buut...I'm sort of done with it. I have no motivation at all. It's been like this for about a month now, and it only gets worse. Right now, the only options I see is quitting right now and try to find a job as soon as possible, or riding out the year, putting some effort in learning for the exams, and maybe even do the re-sit in September. Right now I'm leaning towards the second option - I already paid for the books and everything, so why not at least try to go on for a bit? Also, to be really honest, it's part laziness as well - I could do with a relatively slow, stress-free summer, after having the worst summer ever last year.

On to happier things then. I spent a week in London earlier this month. Stayed with friends I met on the internet! Obviously I got drugged, raped, etc. I got what I deserved really. Never trust people on the internet! 
But seriously, it was so much fun, I was really down for a week when I came back from London. I always have this. It's like, when you go to a good gig or something, you're still buzzing from it the day after, but the day after that, you usually feel pretty bad. Withdrawal symptoms!! So I was on drugs all the time in a way, but it was a natural high. And I discovered new things about myself! But that's not something for this journal heh.
As for the 'normal' things we did: we saw that  'Passion of Jesus' thing on Trafalgar Square. We had to sit on the ground for 2 hours - Jesus wasn't the only one suffering!! It was sort of fun, well put together, the guy who played Jesus did a great job. I could've done with less blood and suffering, but that's christianity for you I guess. Still don't get that - violence on tv is bad, but Jesus all beaten up, suffering and dying is okay to show the kids. 

And I did meet up with one of my friends from twitter!! The awesome @ztardust - the guy who I have a pretend-crush on, I talked about this last year I think. And he still wanted to meet up with me! I told him I'm horribly boring in person, but he still insisted. He's a really nice guy - and handsome!! - it was nice meeting up with him even though we didn't do much else than randomly walk  places and talk a bit. I had to think about my meetup with Jen a lot that day heh. 
Didn't really do much else, I had one day of 'freedom' where I was on my own, walked around central London a bit, did a fairly short stop at the British Museum, got caught in a thunderstorm, but I still did my little 'London walk' (about 1,5-2h in which you see most of the big London touristy things), even added a new route to it of sorts. Exciting! 
Also, now that I've done both the Louvre and the British Museum - the Louvre wins. Easily. Even if you have to pay for it. British Museum feels more...clinical and sterile, of sorts, while the Louvre feels more...alive and vibrant. If you know what I mean. Of course the Louvre is both museum and art gallery, but still. I enjoyed my time in the Louvre more than either time I went to the British Museum. 

I hope to go back this summer, actually. It's weird how I'm getting used to London, it's like I've been using the tube for years now. Sometimes I no longer consider myself a tourist, honestly! I actually wouldn't mind living and working in a place like Hounslow (where I stayed), it's far from central London but still in tube-range. 

Some pictures from London are in the usual place. There aren't a lot, because I forgot to take along an sd card so I could only rely on the internal memory...I could've taken quite a few more but I already have pictures of pretty much everything. Random architectural obsession of the day: the Royal Court of Justice. Such an awesome building. 

And unlike last year, there's a good chance I'll be going to the Alps again with my dad. Last year we did a one-week vacation in Austria which kind of sucked, so now I'm looking forward to seeing mountains again! Proper mountains. Last week I saw this awesome documentary 'Beyond the summits' (see the trailer here), it had some absolutely stunning footage of the Alps. It also helped it was in HD. But really, it was impressive, also how strong that woman must be mentally. Good stuff. 

Last week, I broke my laptop screen!!! Repairing it costs almost as much as a new laptop, so... Right now, I'm using it as my room-laptop, I just hook it up to the tv in my room. And I use my old (2006...) laptop in the living room when I'm watching tv. We also bought a new PC tower a few months ago as a replacement for our old tower, that used to belong to my sister, I think that one was from 2003 or something. New tower is awesome, it was very cheap, but it has a pretty fast processor and a good graphics card, so I use that one a lot to play games on it heh. So until the old laptop breaks down, I probably won't be buying a new one. 

Still have more random things to talk about, but this is long enough for one entry I think!