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2014 [Jan. 7th, 2014|11:47 am]
Happy New Year everyone!


Since no-one reads this anymore, I've been thinking about using this journal for some socio-political rants. The last few months I've had a couple of topics I wanted to write about, but not really sure where to put them. So I suppose this is a New Year's resolution: update this blog when something is bothering me!! Since there are elections in Belgium this year, I'll have plenty to write about, but it won't be just that. I have more topics in my head, like discrimination in the LGBT community, fracking (yes yes I also have to think of Battlestar Galactica whenever I hear that), gender issues, political correctness... You know, I get annoyed by so many things hah. It's probably good for my sanity and general health to have an outlet for this. Since there aren't many people I can talk about stuff like this face to face, so you'll have to do, internet!!